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We are a reputable HR services provider in Hong Kong providing high quality recruitment services and HR outsourcing services to our clients from diversified industries. Under our recruitment services, we identify, screen, assess and procure qualified candidates to be employed by our clients generally for positions at all levels, including administrative, executive, managerial and professional.

For our HR outsourcing services, we employ suitable candidates that are either sourced by our Group or our clients themselves and second them to our clients. We also assist in providing payroll and other administration services at our clients’ requests

We pride ourselves on connecting clients with the best talent in a diverse range of industries. As specialists in recruitment, we know how to find the best people for hard-to-fill roles, and we do it quickly.

Keys to Success

Database Sourcing

We operates a Cloud-based Database with ATS (applicant tracking system) in sourcing and managing applicants throughout different stages of recruitment.  Our success depends on factors like speed, efficiency and effectiveness, which combine to ensure winning.

Targeted Search

Active calling is among the top, proven job search techniques, especially for accessing the hidden job market.   It creates a professional relationship with the best people in the market.  Our research team strives to identify the most suitable talent for your organisation.

Network / Referrals

Referrals are some of the best resources on the market. Someone always knows someone, and with a referral, the key to success is closer than ever. Our consultant has a personal network of contacts from which to gauge interest and solicit referrals.

Online Advertising

One of the most common ways the active candidates uncover opportunities is by using online sources.  To attract active candidates, we keep the prime positioning and visibility in the different job portals and channels targeting candidates with various expertise and ensure maximum response.


Social Media

Social media recruiting is an HR strategy to better both attract active and passive job candidates.   Passive candidates rarely respond to job ads, but that doesn't mean that they are off the job market.  It is not to replace job boards or advertising on a corporate website; rather, it is supplementing all these activities.

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